Project for our book: The Only One

As this book talks about social anxiety and child neglect, we decided to support the top-rated organization
25% of the profit goes directly in form of donations to the organization and we provide proof.
– With your help we were able to donate 50$

Project for our book: Nightmare

As this book touches a lot of important topics like environment and climate protection, discrimination, responsible consumption and refugee streams, we would like to spread word and support the 17 UN global goals to make this world a better place for everybody.

You can find more information on #TOGETHERBAND and support the 17 UN Global Goals yourself HERE


What are you going to do?

– We will use 25% of the ebook sales from Nightmare, 25% of the profit from the hardcover books + our personal funds to support #Togetherband

– The money will be used to buy mini bands for different goals that will give to our readers for free (through a draw).

What can I do together with you?

– You can purchase an ebook, because 25% of the money will go directly to the fund

– You can tweet about it, raise awareness, or support #TOGETHERBAND by yourself =)

– You can donate to the fund from which we will buy the bands and give them to random readers (who purchased either ebooks or hardcovers). We are thankful for any amount and will make sure to support it as much as possible with our own funds.

Donate for the #TOGETHERBAND fund HERE (Please make sure to write ‘togetherband’ in the comment section.


Please give this project a lot of love, it is very meaningful to us.

Thank you for doing this with us and look forward to Nightmare =)
Maria and Irina