Hello dear readers!

We are Maria and Irina. We’re queer neurodivergent humans, sisters, psychologists, scientists and passionate writers.

After listening to many different stories and our own personal experiences, we started writing novels on various topics, that give us and our readers a safe place to feel and sometimes tools to solve issues in real life.

We mainly write about queer, neurodivergent humans, about adventures, relationships, mental health issues, LGBTQ+-related topics, societal criticism, artistry, and realistic daily-life and work struggles. We research, use our personal experience and put a lot of thought and effort into what we write and love it a lot, so expect to see more stories in the future.

The most beautiful thing about writing for us, is the feedback from our readers that share the impact our books have on their life, that it makes them feel and that it changes their views and personalities in a positive way. We are forever grateful for this opportunity to give something beautiful and for each and every person that supports us in what we do.

We have written over 30 novels with over 6 million words and are proud to have hundreds of readers from all over the world who have our stories as hard-cover books.


If you have any questions you can probably find the answers in our FAQ section HERE.

Our books contain some explicit descriptions and even though it’s never the center of the story, we still advise that our novels should be read by adults.

You can purchase all of our stories as ebooks